24th Nordic and 1st Franco-Nordic Congress of Mathematicians

Speakers and titles

Opening lecture

Paul-André Meyer Memorial Lecture

Plenary speakers


  1. Arithmetic theory of differential equations and q-difference equations
    - organizer: Yves André (France)
  2. Combinatorics
    - organizer: Einar Steingrímsson (Iceland/Sweden)
  3. Geometric topology
    - organizer: Johan Dupont (Denmark)
  4. Group theory
    - organizer: Rögnvaldur G. Möller (Iceland)
  5. Homological methods in algebra and topology
    - organizer: Bjørn Dundas and Idun Reiten (Norway)
  6. Lie groups and harmonic analysis
    - organizer: François Rouvière (France)
  7. Mathematical physics
    - organizer: Antti Kupiainen (Finland)
  8. Nonlinear partial differential equations
    - organizer: Kenneth H. Karlsen (Norway)
  9. Real algebraic geometry and applications (theme: Algebraic Geometry)
    - organizer: Marie-Françoise Coste-Roy (France)  
  10. Singularities (theme: Algebraic Geometry)
    - organizer: Bernard Teissier (France)  
  11. Foliations in algebraic and arithmetical geometry (theme: Algebraic Geometry)
    - organizer: Torsten Ekedahl (Sweden)
  12. Moduli spaces (theme: Algebraic Geometry)
    - organizer: Carel Faber (Sweden)  
  13. Complex geometry (theme: Geometric Analysis)
    - organizer: August Tsikh (Russia/Sweden)
  14. Quasiconformal techniques in analysis (theme: Geometric Analysis)
    - organizer: Michel Zinsmeister (France)
  15. Spectral geometry (theme: Geometric Analysis)
    - organizer: Ryszard Nest (Denmark)
  16. Analysis on metric spaces (theme: Geometric Analysis)
    - organizer: Juha Kinnunen (Finland)
  17. Percolation and spatial interaction (theme: Probability)
    - organizer: Olle Häggström (Sweden)
  18. Applied probability and stochastic networks (theme: Probability)
    - organizer: François Baccelli (France)  
  19. Branching processes (theme: Probability)
    - organizer: Peter Jagers (Sweden)
  20. Large random matrices (theme: Probability)
    - organizer: Alice Guionnet (France)