24th Nordic and 1st Franco-Nordic Congress of Mathematicians

Reykjavik, Iceland, 6th - 9th January 2005

For the location of lectures see Schedule

The 24th Nordic Congress of Mathematicians will be held from 6th to 9th January 2005 in Reykjavik, Iceland, organized by the Icelandic Mathematical Society. It is our great pleasure to announce the joint participation of the French Mathematical Society, thus making the congress equally the 1st Franco-Nordic Congress of Mathematicians.


The scientific programme of the congress will consist of 11 plenary, hour-long, invited lectures held in the mornings and parallel sessions held each afternoon. An important feature will be three main themes which will inform the content of around half of the plenary lectures and 60% of the parallel sessions. These themes will be

Besides these themes there will be plenty of scope for other topics.

There will be an opportunity to contribute a short lecture to one of the parallel sessions either on one of the main themes or on another topic. Proposals can be submitted on this site to the scientific committee.

Apart from the scientific programme there will be social and cultural events and you will have an opportunity to enjoy the attractions offered by Iceland's capital Reykjavik in midwinter. Although there are only 4 hours of daylight at the beginning of January you should find that Reykjavik is neither dark nor dull. What is more it is not particularly cold. Compared to other places at the same latitude of 64 degrees north it is mild at this time of year, the temperature rarely going below minus 5.

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